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Unbelievably beautiful antique fan made from the queen of all laces: point de gaze. This infamously difficult and time consuming technique of fine lace making originated in Brussels, Belgium, and was most popular from the 1850s-1900. This example is particularly fine, and its current state tells an interesting story. The lace is mounted on a pretty 1930s butterscotch celluloid frame- lovely, but certainly not original to this piece of lace that would have been painstakingly made by hand at a much earlier time when mechanization had not yet begun to take over. Whether this lace fan had another frame previously, or if it was simply never used until the 1930s remains a mystery, but its slight anachronism makes it all the more charmingly unique none the less.

Excellent condition. The lace panel was remounted onto the celluloid frame sometime in the 1930s using a very light glue- it could be removed carefully if desired. The lace panel is in perfect condition, and the frame has been carefully repaired at one small section that does not show. 

Diameter when fully opened 26.5 in

Length when closed 14 in

Width of lace panel 8.5 in