1930s Silk Satin Bias Bridal Gown + Trained Jacket Set [sm/med]


One of the most incredible antique bridal sets I have ever seen! This 1930s masterpiece is beautifully made from sumptuous silk satin, cut on the bias and carefully finished by hand. The gown itself is a simple yet elegant shape, super flattering, and complete with an extremely full mermaid hem. The matching jacket designed to be worn over the gown is remarkable, with a cathedral length train that drapes beautifully off the body and onto the floor. The sleeves are close tailored for an elegant glove-like fit, finished with an Art Deco triangular cuff that is so elegant on the hand. A truly marvelous and one of a kind antique bridal ensemble with a distinctly modern feel: the gown can most certainly be worn again and again, styled in a million different ways. 

Excellent condition with some important notes. While it presents beautifully, this gown set is not perfect. At the front shoulder there is a small pinhole. In the same area at both the front and back shoulder there is a very very subtle water mark that disappears into the sheen of the silk. At the back shoulder there are a few small "spots" that are really more like the ghost of water marks from the past- they aren't really marks, but more like a subtle change to the surface of the silk. It is extremely subtle and only noticeable upon very close inspection. This is all completely covered when worn with the jacket. At the back of the skirt of the gown, and in a few places of the train, there are some very very subtle slightly yellowed streaks- almost like a water mark but not. This gets completely lost in the fullness of the skirt (it is towards the hem) and in the reflective sheen of the silk. Finally, there is a single pinhole on the jacket at the side seam by the hem, and some very subtle surface wear to the silk throughout the set. This may seem like a long list as I want to be as thorough as possible- but this gown truly presents beautifully and none of the "flaws" are even the slightest bit noticeable when worn. Stunningly beautiful and structurally sound in every way, but not for the perfectionist. 



Bust 33-37 in

Waist 26-30 in

Hips up to 40 in

Shoulders 14 in

Armscye 8.5 in 

Length 60 in 



Bust open

Waist open

Shoulders 14 in

Length in front 17.5 in

Train length 108 in


For reference, Analise measures 33/28/35 and is 5'9".