Demetra Handcrafted Antique Millinery Flower Coronet


Demetra's quintessential flower crown: made entirely by hand, from the soldering of the brass frame, to the individual selection of hundreds of antique millinery flowers, and finally, hours of hand wrapping to secure the entire piece together. The process of creating this one of kind crown was developed as a response to the historical constructions of both fine, hand wrapped jewelry and tiaras, as well as the folkloric methods of creating daisy chains and flower crowns. This crown, a circlet carefully molded by hand into a coronet shape that delicately caresses the head, bridges both new and old world sensibilities in its materiality and style. A truly unique choice for a bride to be, or anyone looking for an ethereal accessory moment. 


Brass wire and frame, an array of fabric based vintage and antique millinery flowers ranging from 1920s-1950s, 1920s millinery leaves, 1920s deadstock wax stamens.

One size fits all. The crown can be carefully molded to the shape of the wearers head. Easily secured with either classic hair pins or miniature claws at either side of the frame.

This piece is a Demetra original design, crafted entirely by hand and one of a kind, and bears an engraved brass "Demetra" label, hidden when worn at the underside of the crown.