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A rare example of an original Georgian commemorative brooch of the 1835 appearance of Halley's Comet, a short-period comet that is visible from earth every 75-79 years. The comet's appearances have been observed by astronomers as far back as 240 BCE. British astronomer Edmund Halley, who gave the comet its name in 1705, was the first to connect these appearances throughout documented history as that of the same comet. His prediction was confirmed in 1758, and again (most famously) in 1835, which sparked interest and excitement that culminated in the production of beautiful, hand crafted treasures such as this brooch to commemorate the celestial miracle. This comet pin is beautifully made in 9k gold and silver, set with sparkling paste stones: a large deep cobalt central stone with a halo of diamond paste.

Excellent condition, very subtle surface wear to the central stone. 

Length 1 1/4 in

Width 5/8 in at widest point