Unbelievable special mod dress made in the 1960s from one or more reworked antique wool paisley shawls from the 1870s/1880s. These shawls were very popular in the Victorian era and were generally handmade and then imported from India. They went out of style around the turn of the century- but they were still abundant and beautiful textiles, so sometimes experiences seamstresses would rework them into beautiful garments in the styles appropriate to their time. The results are these gorgeous and uniquely anachronistic pieces that speak to the beauty of cyclical fashion. 

This piece in particular has a wonderfully loose mod cut that really accentuates the beauty of the textile while creating a very flattering silhouette. So stunning- you will never see another!

Excellent condition with some minor expected age wear and patina.


Works for a variety of sizes depending on desired fit. Oversized fit recommended.

Bust 47 in

Waist 48 in

Hips 52 in

Shoulder 19 in (cut wide intended to go off the shoulder. Fits fairly open)

Armscye 8.75 in

Length 52 in


For reference, model measures 32/25/35.