Remarkable hand made 1920s folk art bracelet made in the style of WWI Turkish prisoner of war and cottage industry necklaces that were popular from the late 1910s to 1920s. The beaded portion of the bracelet is made in much the same way as the necklace counterpart, crocheted by hand. What makes this different, is the twisted wire core that it is crocheted around, which gives it the ability to hold its form and wrap around the arm. Sweet thoughtful details like the delicate wire tongue, and a soft brass snake rattle at the end of the tail take this piece over the edge from accessory, to honest folk art. So incredibly wonderful, whether this piece is worn or simply admired on display! I have never seen another like it. 

Excellent condition. 

One size fits all. The bracelet has a twisted wire base that allows it to be molded to the wearers wrist.