1994-96 Chanel Tortoiseshell Resin CC Clamshell Purse


Incredibly rare and covetable 1994-96 Chanel collection clamper bag made from a beautiful tortoiseshell resin and brown lambskin. This elegant bag opens with a ball shaped clasp at the top of the bag, and has a single pocket in the lambskin lining. The bag hangs from a long crossbody chain made from the same beautiful resin that makes a lovely clinking sound when worn. This rectangular shape is very rare- the round iteration of this bag is much more commonly seen. Only other currently available purse from this line is listed at Sotheby's for $14,000. Serial number sticker inside the interior pocket reads 3181770

Overall good condition with notable cosmetic flaws. The small leather straps that attach the chain to the body of the purse have clearly been replaced at some point likely due to wear. From the outside this repair is not noticeable, with some light brown debris on the connecting chain piece and some roughness beneath the exterior frame, not visible when worn. However, from the inside of the bag the repair is a bit messy, but none the less secure. There is one small crack to the resin in the bottom corner of the back, likely due to age, but otherwise the resin is in excellent condition with some minor surface wear. The edges of the purse show some small amounts of glue upon close inspection and some of the metal frame beneath the leather edging is visible on the back side of the bag- again likely the result of a sub-par repair.  It is worth noting that these flaws are overall very minor, not at all noticeable, and do not affect the wearability of the bag. When the bag is worn, it presents as mint. However, if one desired, this bag could be taken to an experienced restoration service, or even to Chanel, to have it properly restored. This piece has been priced accordingly. 

Length 5.5 in

Width 4 in

Depth 2.75 in

Chain total length 44 in

This piece will ship fully insured.