This utterly amazing c1905 embroidered net gown set feels like it comes from another world. Every inch of this gown is carefully handled with a variety of beautiful lace techniques, culminating in large drawnwork medallions at the chest and around the hem of the skirt. The bodice is a "pigeon breast" style, as it was called at the time of its making (over 100 years ago!) and it creates a uniquely wonderful volume at the waistline that is iconic to the period. The voluminous sleeves are comprised of layers of lace painstakingly assembled by hand. The look is completed with a high neckline and dramatic sheer collar that drapes down over the bodice. The overall sheerness of the gown gives it endless opportunities for unique styling- this is truly a wedding gown that you can wear, and wear again. 

Remarkable near pristine condition. One or two very small repairs or holes to the net that are almost entirely imperceptible. Presents as mint.



Bust 33-38 in

Waist 25-26 in

Shoulder 15 in

Armscye 8.5 in

Length 19 in

Cuff circumference 11 in

Neck circumference 13.75 in



Waist 26.5 in

Hips open

Length 42 in

Train length 7 in


For reference, Aya measures 31/25/35 and is 5'8".