Remarakly large jacquard woven silk chiffon shawl in vibrant paisley floral motifs. The weave of the fabric is unlike anything, with a three dimensional effect achieved through masterful use of color, texture, transparency and sheen. There are multiple patterns intersecting through the entire shawl, and overall the effect is glorious. The silk is light as air, but still incredibly soft. Looking at this fabric, holding it in your hands, it makes one wonder how something so incredibly complex could have been achieved with 1920s technology! This piece is attributed to Liberty of London, despite its lack of a label, based on the similarity in pattern and make to known examples of Liberty work. It is also a common occurrence for Liberty pieces to be missing their labels when found in the Americas, as widely known European designer labels were often removed so as to avoid higher customs fees. An exquisite example in an extraordinarily large size, an absolute must for a collector!

Very good overall condition with minor cosmetic flaws. There is a small hole along the side and one tiny hole in the middle. Towards the center, there is a larger hole, about 2 inches, that has been carefully backed with perfectly matched silk chiffon. The shawl is so large, they go completely unnoticed when worn. Presents beautifully and is strong and wearable, but has been priced with condition in mind.


Length 106 in

Width 38 in